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O ur vision for the future is to ultimately redefine the word garbage as “quality materials.” Our mission to keep quality material out of landfills is the lifeblood of our company. Our team at van der Linde Recycling continuously strives for process improvement to ensure we are doing everything possible to maximize the amount of material being recovered. In 2006, our owner Peter van der Linde made the decision to go against the grain and do something ground breaking in the world of recycling. Open a single stream recycling facility to include all garbage, not just source separated recyclables as in the past.

In just five years we have grown from a dream to having processed over half a million tons of area trash. With 843 containers and 112 employees and we are still growing with the expansion of our household trash facility to be completed in 2014. The new era of total material recovery, with the ultimate goal of eliminating landfills altogether, is a challenge that Peter takes personally.

We have two, state of the art, all-in-one recycling programs at our facility in Troy, VA, just outside of Charlottesville. One designated building is specially designed for recycling Construction and Demolition (C&D) material and another is specially designed for the separation of household trash. We are very proud to be the first ones in the area to do this. When we began, our facility was the only one of its kind that we knew of. It is ground breaking because it is designed to receive and process ALL waste, NOT just presorted recyclables like other all-in-one recycling facilities. This method results in a quantum increase in recycling rates from traditional methods.

Our distinctive programs, designed and built by Peter van der Linde and his effort, are very progressive. Their efforts in the area of business sustainability are both endorsed by and studied at the Darden School of Business. Please take a look at the video below from E. Richard Brownlee, II – Professor of Business Administration and head of Darden sustainability initiatives at Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. You are also invited to view a video there about our recycling machine for C&D waste and learn more about our environmental mission.

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