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As a homeowner, we routinely use your facility through Time Disposal and occasionally bring you waste construction materials. This morning, around 8:45, we brought a pickup truck load of material and I just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with the folks who unloaded us. After a friendly greeting, three people (two men an d a woman) converged on our truck, quickly removed everything, swept the bed and were even careful to clear the tailgate of any debris before closing it. Please pass along our compliments to your crew. Such excellent service and work ethic is rare and is greatly appreciated.
Our best wishes for the continued success of your company.


Bill Bishop

PS: Mrs. Hicks, as usual , is delightful!


Thanks for a wonderful video tour. Congratulations on your magnificent work and letting us see how it’s done. Glad you do what you do.

John Lockney


Thank you for providing exceptional service. The customer service agents I spoke with and the delivery and pickup drivers were all wonderful: warm, friendly, knowledgeable and on-time, as promised!
Thank you.

Renee Sottong


I wanted to pass along the initial positive responses we have received from our residents already because of the switch to Single Stream Recycling with van der Linde Recycling and SDI. Thank you for helping us make this happen.


The Caton Companies, Charlottesville VA


Jessica: “Thank you so much, this is awesome!!!!”
Lisa: “This is excellent! I am glad MSC is making such an effort to go green.”
Michael: “Wow. Great move, and GO VAN DER LINDE!”
Rebecca: “Great thanks.” “This is a big change . . . it’s really exciting for me to see this!” “I’m a student employee at UVA Sustainability and have toured the van der Linde facility and worked with them in the past. I am glad that MSC is working with them to become more sustainable because now so many items will be recycled here!!!”
Sarah: “Thank you!
Mali: “Yay! Thank you!”


Thank you, I am fascinated! I am certain I will have more clarity when we make it out there. I appreciate your patience with my questions. By the way, my husband has NEVER been excited to recycle and has done so VERY grudgingly over the years- in fact, when our boys were born we stopped altogether for a number of years because we just didn’t see the time available to trek the recycling across the county. NOW? He is thrilled!!

Thanks to all of you.

Michelle Flynn


   Wow, I have to say that was one of the most interesting and informative field trips we’ve ever been on.
Noah was really struck by Mr. van der Linde’s commitment to the environment and to recycling.
He is really grateful for him spending his private money that way!
You were an excellent tour guide, covering many points and answering our many questions. I hope to invite our friends out to see your facility and we will (my husband is the HOA president) give Time disposal a ring to see if they are sending our recyclables to you all.
I was impressed by how clean it was and how little noise there was from the front of the building and road.

Thanks once again for your time and what you do to inform the public.


LIsa and Noah Sheffield


Thanks! We’re seeing customer service at the highest levels. When do you run out of steam?


Sperry Marine, Charlottesville VA


Dear Peter:
Thank you for excellent service during the last 13 months! I noticed your bright orange containers over a year ago and made a mental note that if I ever needed container rental service I would call your company.
Lucky for me I called your company, spoke with Jeanie, and received prompt, courteous and outstanding service from my initial call. As the scope of my projects expanded, every call that I or my contractor made to your office received consistently timely and professional attention, definitely a refreshing experience in today’s business environment.
Your streamlined business model, the ease of establishing an account with your company, and your pricing structure is far superior. At every opportunity, I have and will continue to highly recommend your company!
It is wonderful to have you in the Charlottesville, VA area and I sincerely applaud your impressive recycling efforts. I have read extensively about your state-of-the-art recycling facility in Zion Crossroads. You have definitely aroused the competition. I’m cheering for you as you address the outrageous slings and arrows of the infamous Rivanna Solid Waste Authority. Now that I have personally experienced your company’s superior service, I can certainly understand why the competition is worried. Personally, I want to thank you for investing your capital in such an important and necessary business that helps improve the environment for every citizen.
I could not simply mail you a check without taking the time to let you know what a pleasure it has been to do business with your company. Here’s wishing you much continued success!

Jan H. Jaeger[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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